To launch this attainable way to ensure full employment and to look at a full employment world.  When everyone is able to make a living on his own, every nation will have a self-reliant and sustainable economy. That will establish the foundation to subside international conflicts.

WORLD PEACE through Full Employment

A new kind of social enterprise called Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise or RISE is now invented and brought to the attention of the world that has a mechanism which can provide jobs infinitely. It follows a philosophy that making a living is also part of our human rights to complete a broader sense of fundamental human rights. Such function of RISE will react to the market and restore a viable living environment for people as a response. Fighting in the market will subside. RISE will help reestablish domestic economy of a place to reach full employment. When the condition full employment is fulfilled for all places, conflicts among nations will reduce and fighting in the field will subside. World Peace is attainable.

RISE is an instrument for full employment that can apply everywhere. We wanted to share this idea with the world.


Founder Henry Tso

Henry Tso was born and educated in Hong Kong. He is a long time researcher in ancient Chinese history, especially has a deep foundation of Daodejing, Guanzi, Zhuangzi, Mencius and Sunzi’s Art of War in the political and social aspects prior to the formation of Chinese religions.

He followed what he found in ancient Chinese philosophy and began his thought of merging humanity concern in politics and economy in 2001. He finished his proposal of “From Dead-end to Heaven” for Hong Kong in 2006 and committed himself to building a better future for people. His moves embedded a strong co-relation of Laozi’s and Guanzhong’s philosophy. He is now committed to promoting the forgotten concepts of “fundamental human rights” and ”authority social responsibility” in Laozi’s philosophy which was a legacy of the pre-monarchic era in ancient China known as “the magnificently equal society” and promoting the “society leveraging” technique of Guanzhong to eliminate poverty.He believes that it is an attainable way to world peace.

He is now the Chairman of the Laozi Study Society and the Guanzi Study Society. He has published eight books including By the Way of Nature《老子‧道德經‧道法自然》, Superficiality of Dao《道之華而愚之始》, Daodejing 2010《道德經2010》, The Accord of Nature《有德司契》, Realizing Daodelity《遵道貴德》, Daodejing Awakening, 《為天下谿》 and《廉而不劌》.