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Paid Voluntary Service

Paid Voluntary Service, abbreviated to PVS, is also a second tier business of RISE. It is another way for its profit going back to the public. There are many needs in society that require lots of temporary manpower to serve in an irregular manner. Some of them result in NGOs to provide related services. Yet, many of them may be too sporadic to need an established organization to provide services and may only involve volunteers.

It is not exactly voluntary. Service has its value. It is only inspired by the concept of voluntary service and to turn it into a functional mechanism to provide opportunities of making a living. It is also a change in mentality too. Yet, its spirit still remains.

social credit system

RISE will establish the Paid Voluntary Service Fund to support a social credit system. It will extend the coverage and scope of services, for example, enhancement of the city in many aspects. The PVS is open to all ages. PVS members may earn certain social credits for their services and their social credits will be saved and deposited in the social credit bank which is supported and guaranteed by the Paid Voluntary Service Fund.

 When the PVS member reaches his retirement age, he will redeem his social credit deposit in cash in equivalence. Of course, the member can continue his service without cashing his social credit deposit. In fact, the PVS allows senior citizens to live their life as usual and still be a part of society instead of living an idle life like being abandoned. On the other hand, any member can redeem his social credit deposit in cash when he is in need such as temporarily unemployed and get paid for his service in cash directly as salary.

Money is a medium for exchanging necessities of living. PVS is one way to mobilize money to the needy. PVS opens a door for all people to make a living as the last resort and the door is always open. When people are temporarily out of jobs, they can always find this way to rely on their own. Governmental social welfare is still needed for the incapable and has to be enough but it is better in substantial provisions.

This PVS scheme is also to serve as a tension reliever in the labour market to maintain a state of equilibrium of labour force and labour cost. Such scheme will also encourage more people to join voluntary services as a way to serve the public. It is a kind of self-reliant social security, to serve and to be served. In fact, making a living is a right and responsibility as well of all individuals.

Some regular services provided by NGOs may be included in the PVS scheme. Social credits for these services can be redeemed in cash on a schedule base.

PVS may cover certain civil services. For this part, government financial support is reasonable and support will go to the Paid Voluntary Service Fund.

There are two tiers of RISE business to generate job opportunities. But creativity is unbounded.

Social Functions of Full Employment

1) The supply and demand of labour will come to an equilibrium and wages will be self-adjusted automatically. The true minimum wage will appear naturally and will be enough to cover the basic life of everyone.

2) Prices of goods will be adjusted automatically to cover all costs, including the social cost as well. Prices and wages will be mutually balanced. All people can earn enough income for the necessities.

3)People will have their choices of work. Unlawful or immoral business will be drastically reduced due to shortage of available manpower.

4) Everybody has his assurance of work. Not too many people will be loitering. Crime will be drastically reduced due to shortage of available manpower since most crimes are organized crimes.

5) Everybody can make a living. Society guarantees him an opportunity to live. In return, he will observe his social responsibility to safeguard the social environment.

6) The supply and demand of labour will come to an equilibrium. There will be no excessive supply of cheap labour. The low image of cheap or physical workers will vanish. Job discrimination will vanish. It will enhance equality.

7) The owner of unsuccessful business will close down his business willingly and go out to find a job. He knows there will be opportunities for him to come back again when he gains edges.

8) The problems of illegal workers, child labour, or even people trafficking will be tackled automatically.

9) The expense on social welfare will be reduced drastically. It will give more leisure to the government to take care of the disabled and the elderly. A higher degree of social security can be seen and the people will feel much secured.

10) Everybody lives happily home. Illegal emigration will be reduced drastically. In the future, everybody will be able to travel around the world freely.

11) Internal social conflict will be reduced disregarding its political system, ideology, custom or religious belief, There will be no room for inflicting external intervention then. Equality and fairness can be seen by accomplishing full employment around the world. That may let people believe justice is possibly attainable. For the human factors, it may take subconscious education to pass on what we believe is right to our next generation. Of course, we ought to pass the idea of harmonious society to the following generations. Then, the better we maintain a harmonious society, the longer the human race will last.

12) As a result of full employment worldwide, everybody around the world lives happily. Conflicts of national interests will be reduced drastically. There will be no room for war. War is a legacy of the monarchic era. Now the monarchic system has gone. Full employment worldwide will reduce the possibility of mass conflict on a national scale. We only need to handle the conflict due to the reason of ideology or belief. If world peace is what everyone wants, it will be the common ground for different ideology or believes .