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General-business Actuator and Market Enabler

General-business Actuator and Market Enabler, abbreviated to GAME, is a second tier business of RISE. RISE has its social role. It is profit making but its profit will go back to the public.

The business nature of RISE is unique so that it will not pose a threat to other existing businesses. RISE will have a comparatively immense size of business to provide a large number of jobs. Its promising business will suffice itself to have promising revenues and credit. Such financial capability provides it power to create a platform in the market as a haven, namely General-business Actuator and Market Enabler, for seeding, supporting, nurturing and growing of new and young businesses to avoid high business infant mortality rate. When those young businesses are able to grow up healthily in there within a certain well-defined period of time, they will leave the platform and become self-reliant. When those are not, their business will end. GAME is more than an incubator and is like a mother of new businesses. GAME initially focuses on general business because it is to cater the general public and they are of low budget and less risky.

GAME emphasizes general business. It is because it is close to the vast majority of general public. Mostly it is this sector of society being victimized by fast and advanced high-tech development. On the other hand, general business is of small investment size, low risk and easy to start and grow. High-tech business is on the contrary. And, usually they are the targets of venture capitals. However, when this platform becomes mature, it can cover other business like high-tech. GAME will attract talent to stay. Who knows what will be sparked up anyway.

It is this mutual-benefitting relationship between RISE and society that guarantees its support by society. It is one of the ways for its profit going back to the public. RISE belongs to the civilian side and can be recognized as an enterprise to exercise certain “authority social responsibility” in the market. No one can intervene. It is not limited to have only one RISE in one place. Interestingly, according to the business nature of RISE, competition does not apply among RISEs in one place. The public will only benefit more.

Business Nursery

The idea of Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise principally is merging and further elevating the concept of “incubator” and “venture capital” from hatching to raising, but the objectives are very different. There are some flaws with the concept of incubator and venture capital. First, they mostly focus on high tech business. Second, the business owner has to develop and carry out his business all by himself and there will be mismatch of ability. Third, there is high infant mortality rate for the business owner has to face the market competition all by himself. Fourth, the venture capital usually laughs at ideas. On the contrary, RISE will provide opportunities for a wide range of businesses especially the low tech business that most general people are more familiar with. RISE will provide a “nursery home” for certain infant businesses to grow. RISE will help to line up appropriate manpower for the growing enterprises. More than that, RISE welcomes ideas.

RISE treasures skills and ideas which have potentials and treats them as seeds of business. RISE will line up appropriate human resources with these seeds to form companies. RISE will put in initial investment fund to start off their business. The platform will provide a market place for them so that these infant enterprises can do their business without fear of imbalanced competition. The nursing time will be between one to two years. After that, these son-companies will leave the platform and become independent.

Enterprise Bearing Pipeline

For those promising businesses, RISE will have a role to arrange financing in the capital market for them or spin off. RISE is big enough as a guarantor but it is still up to the son-business to determine what to do for its future. There will be a transitional period for monitoring these son-businesses mostly concerned about the proper use of capital. Upon satisfaction, the son-businesses will be totally separated from RISE and totally self-responsible. Credits of success will all belong and go to the son-companies.

It is like a mother and son relationship for RISE and the son-businesses. The platform of RISE will indeed establish an Enterprise Bearing Pipeline and line up capital, ideas, manpower, purchase, production, sales and marketing for the small business to grow. RISE will not threaten the normal operation of the existing market and will just introduce fair competition in it. In fact, the existence of the open source library of Linux is somewhat similar to the idea of RISE.

RISE will just stay behind people and be a good supporter behind their back. Basically, this is a kind of motherly care similar to the way how the Mother Nature provides for all things. The Mother Nature only actuates a good living environment for all creatures to live but all creatures have to endeavour to make a living.

Opportunity is crucial. In the recent time, some people have realized that the poor people have to make a living on their own in order to live a new life saying that teaching them fishing technique is better than giving. The big question is whether the poor people ever have a chance to go to the sea. RISE will be the place to provide all these opportunities. It will provide opportunities not only for the talented people to develop their talent, but also for those less talented to be sufficient to live.