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General-business Actuator and Market Enabler

General-business Actuator and Market Enabler, abbreviated to GAME, is the second-tier business of RISE. RISE provides a market haven for the selected small business and support them, nurture them and grow them with the set-up of GAME within a period of time. After that, they will leave the platform of GAME and become self-reliant. GAME is more than an incubator and is like a mother of new businesses. GAME initially focuses on general business to cater the general public. The investments are lower and safer.

General business is the sector of society victimized by the fast growing high-tech development which leads only to uncertainty until we find out how it benefits the whole population of mankind. When the platform of RISE is healthily established, it will enter the high-tech business sector to counterbalance any unhealthy business development advancing to monopoly and vicious control.

It is this mutual-benefitting relationship between RISE and society that guarantees its support. It is one of the ways for its profit going back to the public. That is why RISE is the business of the people by the people for the people. To be exact, RISE enables the general public guaranteeing the via living environment for themselves.

RISE belongs to the civilian side. It can be recognized as an enterprise to exercise certain “authority social responsibility” in the market. No one can intervene and interrupt. It is not limited to have only one RISE in one place. Interestingly, according to the business nature, RISE does not compete with each other. It is the public to enjoy the benefit most.

Today, there is a cliché of teaching people to fish better than giving them fish. Yet, do they have the chance to fish in the ocean? This is the question. That is what the concept of viable living environment is all about. We must have the right environment to provide opportunities for the people who needed it, especially the underprivileged. RISE with the set-up of GAME is exactly to serve this purpose.

Business Nursery

The idea of Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise emerged by combining the concept of nursery, business incubator and venture capital but for general business instead of hi-tech. RISE provides a “nursery” for certain infant businesses to grow and help to line up appropriate manpower for the growing enterprises. That is one of the ways to create jobs. RISE welcomes talents and ideas from food, craftmanship to design, etc., and will turn them into business. The platform of RISE will provide a market place for them. The more the ideas, the more the jobs. The nursing time will be between one to two years. After that, these son-companies will leave the platform and become independent.

Enterprise Bearing Pipeline

The Enterprise Bearing Pipeline is the process of GAME. There are several ways to select potential small business and honour them a spot in the market place on the platform of RISE. RISE will arrange financing and business advice for them if they need it. It is like a mother and son relationship. This Enterprise Bearing Pipeline means a whole package of merits including line up capital, ideas, manpower, purchase, production, sales and marketing for the son-business. RISE will only take the role of supporter behind their back. This is a nature of mother and the Mother Nature as well. The son-business will leave the platform when they grow independent.