PEACE through Full Employment

RISE, or Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise in full, is now brought to the attention of the world and it is a new kind of social enterprise of the people by the people for the people in accordance with the principle of fundamental human rights that has a mechanism to provide jobs to the left behind to safeguard the right of making a living of everybody. RISE will create a new domain in the market to respond to the existing market activities to ensure a viable living environment for all people whenever an economic downturn occurs. Thus, RISE will help stabilize the domestic economy anytime anywhere dynamically and a state of social equilibrium will be reached. When the right of making a living is safeguarded for anyone, there will be no more poverty. When the right of making a living is safeguarded for anyone anywhere, conflicts among nations will subside. World Peace is attainable.


Fundamental Human Rights

The Fundamental Human Rights here is more than the concept of human rights that we used to think currently. It includes the right of making a living that we are entitled to. Under the Sun, the Great Nature honours every creature its right to live. Further, the Great Nature establishes a viable living environment in a natural way for all things to make a living. That is the Law of Nature. Therefore, the right of making a living is part of the undeniable rights of people. The Law of Nature ought to be the principle of rule of law.


Viable Living Environment

The viable living environment means an environment can enable everyone to make a living on his own within it. Poverty has been a long time problem of human beings due to the dark side of human nature of greed, etc. across different nations and different peoples politically and economically to deprive the fundamental human rights of the underprivileged throughout history. Today upon awakening of democracy, voice out of human rights could not help much if we are ignorant of the right to make a living. We have come to the commercial era nowadays. We can make a living when we have jobs to earn enough to live. If we haven’t, we can’t. That is an intrinsic problem of today’s business world. Our economy entirely depends on private enterprises. That is the problem. The business environment is very different from the living environment at all. The business environment only facilitates the business to survive but not all people. That violates the Law of Nature. RISE is an instrument to patch up this hole in the market to restore and ensure a viable living environment for the left behind so that everyone’s fundamental human rights can be duly observed. It is a mechanism for the people to help the people ourselves. We have to redefine what economy is all about in order to observe our fundamental human rights. Any kind of monopoly will damage the viable living environment for the underprivileged and cause poverty. Therefore it is important to safeguard a complete viable living environment for all to keep humanity intact. Let no one be left behind by the economic system.


Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise

RISE, or Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise in full, is a new genre of social enterprise intended to ensure there is always a corner in the market for people to work and make a living so that all people can survive.

The existence of RISE can relieve the tension of deprivation created by market monopoly or market shrink due to its operation in a different market domain. It is a natural and dynamic response to react the market activities to keep the viable living environment remained intact. This concept of RISE is derived from some very ancient Chinese philosophy of ONE which was the principle of forming a society in the very early time to assure every member to live. RISE has its special capability or arrangement out of the part of GAME, or General-business Actuator and Market Enabler in full, to create business and provide jobs unboundedly and to introduce them to the normal market. It has its merit to encourage spending and it helps the new business to grow. RISE will build up a co-existence relationship with people. When it survives, people will survive, and when people survive, RISE will survive.

Unlike ordinary social enterprises, RISE has a rather large scale of business. It is its huge earning potential and its nature of social coexistence that makes RISE possible. There will be no competition by nature among RISEs and further the alliance of RISEs will have huge multiplier effect to benefit society. Like NGO, RISE has its sole social mission. But unlike NGO, RISE is profit making instead and businesswise it is no different from any ordinary private enterprises. The nature of RISE is only to assist local people to establish local business to vitalize domestic economy. Society benefits most. RISE is a kind of non-possession administration operation (please refer to Theory), i.e. no owner has the ownership of RISE. It belongs to the public and the population will enjoy a fair share of profit out of it. RISE should be institutionalized if necessary after public recognition.

RISE works as if a counterbalance in the market. First, it is profit making but its profit will go back to the public. Second, it serves as a mother platform for ordinary business. Third, RISE has its arm of poverty monitoring and reacts to it like the immune system.

On top of local RISE, the alliance of RISEs sees the world without boundaries. It sees the world as ONE and will act like an organic entity to circulate capital around all places to reach everyone like circulating bloods in a human body in a natural way.

It is not about any political doctrine. It is only about respecting fundamental human rights. RISE does not own any resources in its possession, and does not control anything and redistribute. RISE only creates a new market domain and produces enough opportunities for the people. RISE will be run by the people for the people. That is it. RISE does not control. On the contrary, RISE is counter-control and will offset any kind of extremism and any kind of monopoly. It is only about guarantee of life. Let everyone live and live without bondage.