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Traditional Business Clusters

The term of business cluster has revived recently. Silicon Valley and all other science parks and science & technology triangles around the world, where related businesses conglomerate for their mutual benefit, have given a new meaning to it. Traditionally, Fleet Street and Wall Street are the best examples of business clusters. In fact, the idea of business clusters has existed long time ago. It was exactly the traditional way of marketing for the small businesses in the past.

Time has changed. Nowadays in modern cities, supermarkets and malls dominate the market of everyday necessity. The traditional type of business cluster for any specific trade almost disappears. However in this modern city of Hong Kong, business clusters not only exist but also many robust business clusters attach together back to back covering a large part of the city. There are still a lot of traditional business clusters in other places around the world but they are mostly not like the ones in Hong Kong packing shoulder to shoulder.

In sixty’s and seventy’s in Hong Kong, many buildings of cultural value were demolished to give way to build Hong Kong a modern city. Almost all the hard part of our living culture has gone. However, this soft part of our living culture still remains in the old community. These business clusters like the jade market, the flower market or the Golden Centre in fact are not isolated. Like the jade market, altar and shrine, kitchenware, fruit wholesale, machinery and parts, interior, women’s corner, sportswear, figure model, AV products, pets, flowers, birds, garment factory outlets, garment wholesale, fabric, haberdashery, beads, stones, computer and IT products, toys, etc., they are spreading from Jordan all the way to Sham Shui Po. All this living culture is real. All of these business clusters forms a part of this cellular hopping scheme in city and they will be also identified as cells.

In fact, there is a lot of living culture along the streets that we can make use of and turn them into real business in certain way to suit different kinds of target visitors so that the visitors can be able to bring a lot of memory of Hong Kong back home together with their purchases. After these traditional business cluster cells being promoted under this cellular hopping scheme, these cells will grow stronger. By then, more new shops will be opened with more new products on display. The abundance of products will be very inspiring. The critical cells, special setup, new business, new events and technical details to make it feasible are withheld here and will be disclosed later in due course.

This set up will truly show how cellular hopping works. It weaves all of the spots all the way from one end to another starting with Canton Road Jade Street, Jade Bazaar, Temple Street, Tin Hau temple, Kitchen Ware, Buddhist Ware, Fruit World, Yau Ma Tei Theatre, Machine and Tools, Woman Street, Sport Shoes Street, Gold Fish Market, Fa Yuen Street Bazaar, Flower Market, Bird Street.