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It is the investment-profit looping of the RICH side causing a vicious cycle in the trend of ultra-violet catastrophe. The market is of single-pole without any constrain. The poor is left out of the economic system. The government cannot get a hand on it. Empty talk of morality is powerless. We need to reshape the objectives of Economy and Production if we do care about people. If Economy is not for people living, what is it all about?

Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise

Real Infrastructure Social Enterprise, abbreviated to RISE, is a new genre of social enterprise intended to ensure there is always a corner in the market for people to survive so that all people can work and make a living.

RISE is to serve as a tension reliever, attenuator or absorber against the current free market system to relieve the tension created by monopolization or market extremism. It is a natural response to react and consequently to weaken such monopolization or extremism. This concept of RISE is derived from some very ancient Chinese philosophy which recognizes making a living is part of our undeniable human rights. RISE has its special capability to create and provide jobs infinitely beside private enterprises in order to compensate for deficiency of the current free market theory. RISE will have a co-existence mutual-benefitting relationship with people. When it survives, people will survive, and when people survive, RISE will survive.

RISE belongs to the civilian side and shares the similar goal of the social enterprise. But unlike ordinary social enterprises, RISE has a rather large business size providing jobs to top up the labour market to fulfill the goal of full employment. It is the huge earning potential of RISE and its nature of social coexistence that makes RISE possible and also make its start-up financing possible. There will be no competition among RISEs and further the alliance of RISEs will have huge multiplier effect to benefit society. Like NGO, RISE has its entire social mission. But unlike NGO, RISE is also profit making and basically is no different from any ordinary private enterprises. The nature of RISE is only to assist local people to establish local business to vitalize domestic economy. Society benefits most. RISE is a kind of non-possession administration operation (please refer to Theory). RISE is not in the administration body’s possession or anyone’s possession.

In fact, RISE awakens the sleeping segment of the market that both the government and the private enterprise cannot do. RISE works as if a counter-balance in the market. It can be regarded as the complementary part of the free market to make it free from monopoly. First, it is profit making but its profit will go back to the public. Second, it serves as a mother platform for ordinary business. Third, RISE has its poverty monitoring system and reacts like the immune system. RISE sees a world without boundaries. RISE sees the world as ONE human body and acts like an organic system to circulate capital around all places to reach everyone like circulating bloods in our body in a natural way. When every local economy is healthy and everyone can make a living everywhere at home, that will be peace truthfully.

Hopefully, society can reach a public consensus of “authority social responsibility” and urges the government to exercise its authority social responsibility through legislation in the near future. Basically, the legislation would be about two concerns, i.e., protecting fundamental human rights and sustaining a viable living environment for the people.

RISE has its own social role. It is profit making but its profit will go back to the public. Everything will be and should be open and reasonable. RISE does not belong to anybody (including the founder), any organization or institution, or any political authority. RISE belongs to the civilian side. Yet, if the public finds it necessary, RISE may be institutionalized after public recognition.

Many Faces of RISE

  1. From Dead-end To Heaven Proposal
  2. General-business Actuator and Market Enabler
  3. Business Nursery
  4. Enterprise Bearing Pipeline
  5. Paid Voluntary System
  6. RISE-san-Frontier

Start up of RISE

Tourism should be an easy approach for establishing a RISE like the Proposal “From Dead-end to Heaven” for Hong Kong. With the public’s support, this proposal will then cause forming the Hong Kong RISE for the operation. 

There must be a lot of local traditions, cultural traditions, festivals, environmental features, etc. that are exotic and interesting to foreigners. Many of them have already turned into tourist spots but most of them are sporadic. In fact, many places that have a long history should be built in a natural manner this way. Residential areas and many other different functional areas were being established according to their special geographical features and all of these areas would form a network in an economical way to suit everyday life of the people who lived there. There should exist certain affinity between adjacent areas which facilitated people flow. This affinity between areas thus related and connected all areas together and created a circulation system superimposed on the whole place.

Such circulation system together with the embedded local features would give rise to new tourist experience to a great extent. Within the circulation system, there must be something special to be developed as a major tourist spot to serve just like the “heart” pumping visitors touring along with the circulation flow to visit one area after another to help sustaining local economy. Everything is creative. It provides a new dimension for the local traditions, cultural traditions and many other features to turn into attractions with all these new ideas. A RISE can be formed to run all these created businesses to develop tourism in a new dimension.

Every place or city has its own history of development and its own special features. Different places will have their unique circulation map. Therefore, every place or city is entitled to build its own RISE or a number of RISEs necessarily.

If tourism resources are not enough, RISE can be start up with the General-business Actuator and Market Enabler. the General-business Actuator and Market Enabler will vitalize the local market first. New businesses that grow on the platform may develop a new picture or a mature picture of local culture to give rise to tourism. Why is tourism so important? It is because tourism is easy to create jobs. Tourism can also give a hand to lift up entertainment business, consumers market, articles business and retail business, etc. In this high-tech era today, it poses uncertainty for the future for the economy has no mechanism to rejuvenate itself. Tourism is a very useful reliever to relieve such impact.

The business direction of RISE is not fixed. We can explore what we can do whichever we can think of. For example, open source will be a good attempt. Right now there is only a sharing platform of open source. Software engineers make use of these open source to develop their own products. But, individuals are weak in marketing. An open source RISE can serve as a market haven and a marketing tool for new products just like another General-business Actuator and Market Enabler. RISE can also enter businesses like water supply, electricity, housing, banking, grocery, transportation, environment cleaning, etc.

Although RISE is a profit-making enterprise, its existence and its business nature will not be a threat to any other businesses. RISE will give birth to many new enterprises but it should not be regarded as market intervention. Indeed, its existence only actuates a free market to a greater extent in order to dissolve the monopolization of big enterprises. With the existence of the business nursery platform of RISE, market competition will return to a matter of quality instead of pursuit of money power.


Profit of RISE will go to an Social Sharing Fund or a similar account to support GAME、PVS and RISE-san-Frontier. RISE expels the charity concept. Everyone should endeavor to make a living on his own and be self-reliant. That is also a part of freedom and equality.

Justice Achievable Market Enabler Savings Bond

RISE has its social role. Yet RISE is entirely business-oriented. With its promising set-up of business, one can realize how promising its turnover will be once it starts its business. Of course, RISE needs the initial investment to start up. Once it is started, RISE will reach a self-reliant state.

Justice Achievable Market Enabler Savings Bond (JAMES Bond) is proposed for such start up investment for RISE. It is a new idea of financing that is inspired by Social Impact Bond (SIB), or Justice Achievable Market Enabler Savings Bond can be called SIB 2.0.

A social impact bond, also known as pay for success financing, a pay for success bond or a social benefit bond or simply a social bond, is a contract with the public sector in which a commitment is made to pay for improved social outcomes that result in public sector savings. Such idea of SIB was brought up by the Prime Minister’s Council on Social Action in the UK in 2007 where a group of ‘innovators from every sector’ were brought together to ‘generate ideas and initiatives through which Government and other key stakeholders can catalyse, celebrate and develop social action’. The first Social Impact Bond was launched by UK-based Social Finance Ltd. in September 2010 to finance a prisoner rehabilitation program.

A social impact bond is one potential financing option available to support Pay for Success programs. Social Impact Bonds brings together government, service providers and investors/funders to implement existing and proven programs designed to accomplish clearly defined outcomes. It is the private investors provide upfront capital for the delivery of services and are repaid by a back-end, or outcomes payor (usually a government), if contractually agreed upon outcomes are achieved. So far, 60 Social Impact Bonds have launched in 15 countries, raising more than $200m in investment to address social challenges.

Unlike SIB, the lump sum of initial investment of RISE will be bigger. Yet, the social impact of RISE will be much enormous. Also unlike the savings bond, it will be the RISE to be the issuer instead of the Government for RISE is profitable and can pay it back without using the taxpayers’ money. However, the Government should have its supportive role in it to make it happen and supervise. JAMES Bond shows a new channel for investors to invest their money with good deed other than putting their money in the ordinary financial market.

The social impact of RISE is great. The goal of RISE is to actuate a viable living environment for all so that everybody can go to work and make a living. We can envisage crimes, recidivism, social disorders, juvenile delinquency, poverty can be reduced to a great extent. On the international level, illegal immigrants will return to minimal and furthermore conflicts among nations will subside when local economy is guaranteed.


In the Chinese Medicine Theory, internal organs have their function to monitor healthy statuses of the body and signs will show when one is sick. Somehow, it means the body is off balanced in certain category. Taking medicine is to let the body return to a balanced state. The Chinese medicine theory is trying to reset the balance status for the body to return to balance and stay healthy. The same analogy also applied to society. When society goes imbalance, poverty will occur. Imbalance means someone’s opportunity to make a living is deprived or missing.

Such Poverty Watch does not mean just watching. Some counter measure will be in effect to return enough opportunities for people when a sign of imbalance show. That is what RISE is for. Making a living is not only a right but also a responsibility of everyone to live.

Morality Brand Name

The biggest objective of RISE is to deliver social responsibility and integrity. That will be seen through Its practices and operation and will build up its brand name of morality. Together with its quality brand name, RISE will be able to lay a foundation in society. Those businesses running on the platform will be happy to share the brand name effect and hopefully will share the same social responsibility and integrity before and after independence. Other businesses outside the platform can also share the same brand name effect if they observe the same attitude of social responsibility and integrity.

Quality Brand Name

The platform will be open for everybody however it will only guarantee everyone an equal opportunity. Quality of goods is the top priority that RISE will emphasize because quality is crucial for a product to last and helps to encourage everyone to reduce waste. RISE will have several selection schemes to select top-line talents and skills among the general and nurture them into successful businesses. So, RISE will always provide best and quality products to the consumers and that will build up consumers’ trust in RISE. RISE will be a platform to create quality brand names one after another and will make itself a brand name too. Yet, RISE will have its own pricing scheme. Quality products on the platform are not necessarily expensive.


One of the objectives of RISE is to capitalize cultural preservation and environmental protection and turn them into business so that we may not have to sacrifice many of our cultural tradition for the purpose of modernization. Every place should have its own identity defined by its own local culture. Its gives a sense of belonging and dignity. Keep our culture alive in the street. Let our culture live.

Resulting in Drop of Social Welfare Spending and Tax Reduction

When all people can make a living, people will all become self-reliant and less people will depend on social welfare. Less people depending on the government means a drop in government spending. Consequently, we can expect tax reduction.

Of course, it is the duty of the government to take care of those incapable people including the old, the young, the ill and the handicapped, etc.