RISE san Frontier

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International Leveraging Platform

The platform will extend its arms both to the rich areas and the poor areas. This setup will help the poor areas export their products to the outside world. Meanwhile, a fair profit allocation scheme will be introduced and intended to let the poor get more. Till equilibrium occurs, costs, prices and wages will be automatically self-adjusted. People should enjoy a reasonable return for their proper endeavour. Proper working hours should trade back reasonable necessities for their living.

RISE serves as a platform to lever money flow from the rich to the poor in a business manner through spending and investment. It can be called Society Leveraging. Further, RISEs of different places may form an alliance network. There comes the third tier of RISE business. RISEs in the rich places and in the poor places can exchange their services, products, capital and investment to secure society leveraging on the inter-city level and further on the international level. The nature of RISE is only to assist local people to establish local business to vitalize domestic economy. It is not like other foreign investment to make profit out of local business opportunity from the local people. When the domestic economy can support the local people to live, it is easy to realize that slavery and illegal immigration will vanish. Of course, the investment is entitled to enjoy a fair share.

Now, it makes the word “globalization” more meaningful.


RISE Network will help to exchange merchandises and products among different RISE spots of sales as a way of society leveraging.


RISE Network will be a strong promoter of RISE tourism establishment around the world for a better local economy.

international Illegal Immigrant Issue

There are at least three reasons causing illegal immigrant problems. They are 1.war, 2.economic reason and 3.political reason. The prominent one should be economic. If the people can make a living at home, they may not have the idea of leaving. Therefore, helping to rebuild the local economy of those troubled countries could be a resolution for the issue. When the local economic issue is settled, the rest will be easy to handle. RISE arrangement could be a helping hand.

Social Equilibrium

The implementation of RISEs is a means for the market to observe “fundamental human rights” to assure an All Working Economy. When all people can make a living and it is guaranteed, society will be foreseen to reach a state of equilibrium. Supply and demand of commodities will reach a real balance. Not just that, the price of goods and cost of labour will be adjusted in a natural manner subject to any perturbation of market to reach a new state of balance. The employer-employee relationship will evolve and two sides will establish a good relationship. They will respect one and other instead of controlling.

When “fundamental human rights” of everyone is observed, everyone will enjoy a greater degree of freedom and equality. All people can make a living independently and avoid reliance. They will become free of control.

When “fundamental human rights” of everyone is observed, excessive accumulation of wealth will no longer be that powerful to dominate but just to invest in new business to create new opportunities. Idle wealth and any further accumulation will become meaningless.

When “fundamental human rights” of everyone is observed, people will be accustomed to observe “fundamental human rights” of others for reciprocal respect. Populism will subside.

By then, the government will recover its original role as the central processor of society to act as the “heart” of society only to carry out its “authority social responsibility” and serve as genuine civil servants.