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SkyLink will be the cable car service connecting Tsuen Wan and Lion Rock (Sha Tin Pass.) It will not only connect two major tourist spots – Tsing Tsuen Park and The Religious Circle but also provide the visual contact of To Lo Harbor, Sha Tin, Mong Fu Shek, Shing Mun River, new Hung Mui Kuk, Shing Mun Country Park and West Hill to make the NT South virtually merge all together in three dimensions.


Its service will guarantee the fun-pack traveling between Tsing Tsuen Park and The Religious Circle. Vice versa, the fun-pack Tsing Tsuen Park and The Religious Circle will guarantee a heavily loaded SkyLink. Furthermore, it will also be able for the people to witness from a high angle how Hong Kong has such an incredible infrastructure for itself and how Hong Kong provides homes for over 6 million people in such a tiny place. Its purpose is similar to the one in Singapore connecting Santosa and Mount Faber except its effect will be million-fold. It will be about 11 to 12 km long. The route is very likely not in the high wind zone. Operation expectation: 300 to 360 cars one way, 60 passengers stepping on board per minute, running 12 hours per day.